Welcome to Karamana Homestead (Estd. 1872)

Experience the soul and character of a home that only the passage of Time itself can give.

Quiet corners for reading or delighting in conversations. Waking to morning songbirds outside your window. Indulging in breakfasts made with a passion for the sharing of food.  But most of all...engaging in your time together leaving the noise behind.
Staying in a historic homestead bed and breakfast offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the property, with preserved architecture, antiques, and furnishings. You'll feel the weight of history as you wander through the halls and appreciate the stories that these walls hold. With warm hospitality and a cozy atmosphere, Karamana Homestead promises an unforgettable stay that transports you to a bygone era.


What makes your stay at Karamana special


Authentic rural charm at a heritage Victorian B&B in the picturesque Coromandel

Amazing hosts

Personalized service and warm hospitality, creating unforgettable memories for our guests

Historical importance

Formerly Cadman House, Karamana Homestead is Category 2 listed with Heritage New Zealand.