Ann-Marie, Ash, Gigi and Stuie welcome you to Karamana Homestead.

Ash, a geologist, born and raised on Auckland's North Shore, has been living in Coromandel Town for 20 years and has extensive knowledge of the gold mining history on the peninsula.  Need advice on sightseeing? He will be your expert resource for things to see and do around town. 
Ann-Marie, originally from Vancouver BC, has worked as a paralegal and travel agent...and now enjoys sharpening her baking skills with creative new treats for the guests.  Need everything else?  She'll be happy to help.
Together we're the perfect match for making your stay an enjoyable one with local knowledge and care for detail. 
Your two furry hosts are Gigi (the cat) and Stuie (the hare).  Gigi came to us as a stray with a broken nose (we think it makes her look even prettier than she already is).  She now proudly patrols the homestead guarding her "turf" and greeting guests.  She's still a little timid but loves to make her presence known.  Stuie is a wild New Zealand hare...but fully domesticated now!  He came to us as an orphan (attacked by a cat...not ours luckily!) so we took him in and gave him a chance to survive.  And survive he has!  He's a gentle creature who loves cuddles.
Gigi and Stuie
Ash and Ann-Marie Franklyn